Protect wild chimpanzees

The number of wild chimpanzees is rapidly declining. Help us protect them.

Jane Goodall Institute’s programme for the research and conservation of chimpanzees and sustainable management of natural resources takes place in Kédougou, Senegal and across the border in Guinea. The centre of the activities is Dindéfélo Community Nature reserve and its adjacent areas. 

Kédougou is one of the few regions with chimpanzees in Senegal. They have become critically endangered. Many chimpanzee populations have become isolated in patches of forest which threatens their survival. Their biggest threats are human inflicted deforestation along with construction of infrastructure, such as dams, powerlines, and roads. The Dindéfélo Community was created to protect these critically endangered primates.

Jane Goodall Institute Senegal also runs a training centre, building local skills in sustainable agriculture and forestry. In addition, it supports the community in sustainable rural development, ecotourism, manufacture of local products, management of natural resources and environmental education.

The centre has two tree nurseries for reforestation, and hosts sessions of Roots & Shoots environmental education programme with youngsters and children in the area.