Forests and trees

Our tool to combat climate crisis

Forests are home to a diversity of wildlife and
serve as one of our greatest tools in combatting climate crisis.

Our tool to combat the climate crisis

Forests are home to a diversity of wildlife and serve as one of our greatest tools in combatting climate crisis. We have witnessed increasing natural disasters, the escalating consequences of lost forests. 

Restoring and protecting green spaces is an essential part of protecting biodiversity. It is also one of our greatest hopes in combatting the climate crisis. We are helping restore our nature both in Belgium and in Africa. In Belgium, we organise tree-planting activities that also support the forest restoration in Africa. For every tree planted in Belgium, at least several more tree are planted in Africa. 

The power to bring forests back is in our hands. Join us in planting, restoring, and protecting trees in Belgium and help bring the chimp habitats back in Africa.

Find out more about our activities below.

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Forest in One Day

Forest in One Day is a day when people from different ages, backgrounds and cultures come together to plant a forest in one day. Not only will it become an asset to plants and animals, but it is also a meeting and strengthening of bonds between people.

We organise several Forest in One Day events throughout the tree planting season all over Belgium. We would love for you to join one of our tree planting activities and have a wonderful day in nature with friends and family.


What we have achieved in Belgium

We started our tree planting efforts in Belgium in 2010 and have planted over 100.000 trees in 24 different locations in Belgium. We plant a mix of native trees and trees that can sustain the effect of climate change. We plant with our technical partners Sylva Nova and De Bosgroepen.

Luminus joined The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium for the eleventh time (2024) in a row as a corporate partner. This year they funded the planting of 24.825 trees in Deinze for our Forest in One Day event. 

"We love working with The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium, because they create a real community event where people come to help plant the trees and they also involve the children and give workshops in the surrounding schools to create awarness. These events are about so much more than just planting trees."


Every year we plant on average 15.000 trees in Belgium and 150.000 trees in Africa. To be able to continue our work and create events where people come to plant these trees, we need donations. So help us make the world a greener place and donate a tree today!


Donate a tree

Donations start at €10. For €10 we will plant 1 tree in Belgium and 10 trees in Africa. For €40 we will plant 4 trees in Belgium and 40 trees in Africa. 


Make a difference each month

Make a longterm commitment to plant new trees in Belgium and Africa each month with a recurring payment. 

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Grow a forest

Get your friends, family, colleagues or school together and raise funds to plant your own forest. Our tiny forests starts at 600 trees, so we are sure that you can raise enough money!

Upcoming tree planting events

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Trees in Africa

We have long worked with local communities across the chimpanzee range in Africa to support forest conservation. The work includes efficient land-use plans and forest reserves, and support of sustainable livelihoods. In addition, JGI uses cutting-edge science, including GIS, to collect ecosystem data, assess habitat change and progress over time. These programs help protect these precious environments, and in so have contributed millions of trees planted or restored over nearly 30 years of community-centered conservation. 

Preventing the continued loss and degradation of forests and supporting sustainable and appropriate restoration could contribute to one-third of total climate change mitigation required by 2030.

What we have achieved in Africa

Since the start of the project in 2020, we have planted 272.926 trees in Burundi, Africa. 

Chimp Zinda fishing for termites in Gombe (by Nick Riley) Your donation will be used to restore nature in Belgium and Africa, and to provide help and protection to chimpanzees. We believe it is important to be transparent about the impact of your donation. You can read a full overview of how your donation is used in our annual report.

How we use your donation?




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