Tree planting in Bonheiden


On Sunday the 4th of February 2024, 150 people came to plant 2610 trees in Bonheiden with us. Local residents and youth groups accompanied our volunteers to plant a new forest. The weather was on our side, which made planting easier and it turned out to be a beautiful day spent in nature.

tree planting Bonheiden

We saw a lot of families with young children, but also elderly people. All generations were present and helped each other hand in hand. That shows once again that there is no age limit on preserving and restoring nature.

tree planting Bonheiden

A couple of weeks before we gave workshops in the local school to teach the children about the importance of trees and forests. Some of the kids came to the event. One of the parents talked about how excited her son was when he came home from the workshop. He told her about the oxygen that the trees provided and how we need to plant more trees. He was super excited that he got the chance to plant some and we provided him with a certificate of 20 trees planted!

officials tree planting Bonheiden
officials tree planting Bonheiden

We were also delighted to welcome the mayor of Bonheiden, Lode Van Looy, councilor for environment & nature, Mieke Van den Brand and environmental officer, Cynthia Berarddocco.

Bonheiden tree planting

Our tree planting partner De Bosgroepen provided an array of young trees, among which oak, hazel, birch and linden. They prepared the lot beautifully, which made planting super easy. The 2.610 trees were planted in record time!

Once again a big thank you to all our volunteers and participants. It was an amazing day among the trees and we hope to see you again soon.

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