Nature restoration law sealed in the European Parliament

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In the plenary this week, the European Parliament adopted with 329 in favour and 275 against the agreement negotiated last year on the nature restoration law. 

nature restoration law sealed

According to the law, the member states must restore at least 30% of habitats from forests, grasslands and wetlands to rivers, lakes and coral beds from a poor to a good condition by 2030, and all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050. Currently over 80% of the European habitats are in poor shape. This is needed for the EU to achieve the climate and biodiversity objectives and enhance food security.

We were truly relieved to see the positive outcome as there were last-minute efforts of certain political groups to torpedo the law. The majority support from the Parliament showed the MEPs understood the importance of the law for the environment, for our economies and for our own health and well-being. They also demonstrated that they had listened to the calls of over one million citizens, businesses, scientists and NGOs asking for this first-of-its-kind law to become a reality.

The Nature Restoration Law is a historic opportunity to bring nature back to Europe. At a time when the continent is ravaged by floods, droughts and fires, this law will help secure a safer and healthier future for us and the next generations.

The final step, the formal approval of member states in the EU Council is expected in March or April 2024.