Jij hebt de kracht om een betere wereld te bouwen

De jeugd in staat stellen om trots op te komen voor waar ze in geloven.

Some ideas of projects you can do with us

seeds bombs.png

Create seeds bombs

What is a seed bomb?
Seed bombing on a larger scale is done by introducing new vegetation to land by throwing or dropping (usually from an airplane) compressed bundles of soil containing live vegetation.
This aerial revegetation dates back to the 1930s and is still used today to treat areas burned extensively by wildfires. On the homefront, and a much smaller scale, seed bombs are fun to make with children of all ages.
It’s cheap, compared to buying transplants, and kids can carry them about in their pockets!


Create swift boxes

Help us create boxes to protect swifts during their migration.

Osseghem_Forest cleanup20 (1).JPG

Go to a cleanup

Come with us to clean up nature! Whether in a park, on the street or on the beach, we look forward to cleaning up these green spaces with you and let the environment breathe again.